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History of Furniture - Our point of view

History of Furniture - Our point of view

Going out to decorate your home now, you have so many options to choose from. But like everything else around us, it wasn't always like this. There was a time furniture didn't exist, humans didn't have a bed to sleep on, a chair to sit on or pretty cabinets for their room. Let us travel back in time and learn about how our genius ancestors came up with the idea of furniture and how we got to where we are now, shall we?

Furniture, in its most basic form, is something that aids human activities like sleeping, sitting or keeping property. It can be divided into three forms, chairs (any surface used  for seating), table (any flat surface raised from the ground), and cabinets (a hollowed-out part to keep our valuables).

Furniture can be dated back to about 6000-5500 BC as per evidence of thrones in Russia. Ancient furniture wasn't movable like it is now. Back then, it was just made of raised stone or hollowed-out tree trunks. In a Egypt, around 3100-2500 BC, stool started the history of furniture. It was a thing for the Royals. Rulers sat on chairs and slept on beds, which were nothing but wooden surface with carved ivory legs. Presence of coffins made with mitre joints, dovetails, halving joints and butt joints is also detected. 

In some ancient societies, a variety of furniture can be found, from about seventh century. Greeks had light functional items, but also, they came up with thrones (Greek word: thronos) and they were the first to put elegance in furniture. Though Romans followed Greece in their style of furniture, they did add their touch to the history by using variety of woods like citron, beech, maple and oak, apart from marble and limestone, and satinwood for decoration. Nomads, on the other hand, had very little use for furniture.

In Britain, till 14th century, chairs was royal and uncommon, while stools and benches were not. They came up with the idea of beautifying beds, and made them canopied. In the 16th century, lighter and joined furniture which lasted long started to develop. Europe sophisticated the art of making large and decorated furniture in 17th-century. As the trade grew, China, Japan and India joined the race in 18th century.

As the demand grew, the methods and raw materials changed. Now you have furniture of any material you can think of, in any form you can think of and in any size you can think of. And you don't even have to go far for it, you can find all of that right here at Woodbrick. 

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Written By:- Prachi

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