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Our Guidance for Decorating Homes

Our Guidance for Decorating Homes

It doesn’t matter what style are your interiors, be it traditional or contemporary, chances are that a good proportion of your furniture is wood, if not, then you should definitely upgrade to wooden furniture from Woodbrick itself.

Wooden furniture can stick out like a sore sideboard if not integrated properly.So, given below is a look book as to how you can decorate your home with wooden furniture, without breaking the bank and converting it into your dream home.

·        Setting wooden furniture against a beautifully, clean backdrop gives the furniture a chance to shine. A pale floor and smoothly plastered walls will help your furniture to standout and have space to breathe.

·        Team up your furniture with some exciting, beautiful artwork. Hang the art close to the furniture to create a strong, deliberate clash.

·        Move beyond the matchy- matchy styles and adopt unashamedly a wide-ranging look for your space. You can tie up dark and pale wood together with some interesting accessories, to produce a look that hangs together beautifully.

·        Make the darkness of your wooden piece into a style virtue by picking out a similar shade for woodwork.

·        Choose a rich, strong colour to combine with your wooden piece. The tones of the wood will balance out the colour for a warm effect.

·        Give your favourite wood piece a unique touch by bringing out your artistic side. Try decorating it with words or by painting it.


·        If you have a large space, place your furniture on top of a rug which will give you a lush feel. It will help create a nice, warm aura, adding beauty to your furniture.

·        Make your friends and family members comfortable around your coffee table. Invest in a furniture that will allow most people enough space to navigate and lounge comfortably.

·        Try placing accessories such as candles/lamps in groups of three or five. This will help to make your furniture more appealing than evenly numbered groupings.

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Written By:- Aprajita

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