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Dressing Table

Dressing Table
Dressing Table
Dressing Table
Laminate - Color/Polish

This website is for SALE!! If you would like to know more, then please send email to

A mere piece of furniture with the capability of turning you into a stylish diva! Whilst the men usually discard the idea of investing in dressing table, ladies appreciate them to the core. Deck up for an evening party by applying make-up in front of a panoramic mirror to ensure that you look nothing less than the best! These dressing tables also meet your need of storing accessories efficiently. These furniture pieces render beauty and practicality in abundance The signature stylish pieces for adding personality to any room is the dressing table. Dressing table mitigate the stress of searching for make-up accessories as you are already getting late for the office. Your personal care items will never run out-of-sight as they are beautifully displayed in dressing table. Show what you possess with these tables that put across your favorite perfumes, lotion, make-up accessories and other personal care items in a hassle-free way. You no longer have to bear the pain of prolonged standing before the lavatory mirror as dressing tables have come to rescue. Apart from dressing up for the day, dressing tables are also utilized for removing the make-up and unwinding for the day.

• Please proceed step by step for better customization.
• Woodbrick aims at providing best quality products to its customers therefore manufacture most of its products with plywood, and use veneer and polish to give a finish similar to solid wood.
• The base of the furniture will be made from solid wood.
• The size of the furniture is to be checked from the photo selection area.
• Standard size is considered in case no size is mentioned and the same size will be shared on the mail.
• Maximum two fabrics can be chosen for sofa and the customers can tell where they want to place the fabrics.
• Only 1 polish/ laminate sheet can be chosen

• Keep away your wooden furniture from hot utensils, iron or any other equipment that can generate heat and affect the life of the furniture.
• Use a soft and moist cloth to clean your furniture.
• Avoid using scrubs since it can fade the effect of the polish or generate scratches on the surface of the furniture.
• Use a sandpaper to repair the damaged surface and thereafter apply mineral oil to it.
• Lift and move your furniture instead of dragging it.
• Keep distance between the furniture and walls.
• Avoid direct sunlight on your furniture which can cause fading or deterioration of fabric.

• Woodbrick provides a year warranty on the upholstery and the structure of its product.
• The foam used for designing the furniture comes with 3 years of warranty.
• No warranty is provided on the fabric/ leather products with scratches, cuts, flame holes and stains after the product gets delivered and accepted by the customer.
• The warranty does not cover damages caused by the customers.

• Check the product carefully for any breakages, cracks, chip offs or unfinished patches.
• Sit on the sofa to ensure comfort and stability with your weight.
• No cancellation or change requests shall be entertained post 7 days of delivery.
• No return or exchange on customized products except in case of any damage found at the time of delivery.
• Revert back within 24 hours once the damage is assessed.
• Either arrange to collect the product and send you a replacement free of charge or just send a replacement part.

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