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How it Works

At Woodbrick, we believe in doing things differently! This is one of the reasons why we’ve simplified the entire process of customization and ordering for you!

The customization part is very simple. Once you’ve selected an image of your desired style and type of furniture, we are committed to provide you custom designs according to your requirements. However, if you still want to modify the furniture according to your requirements, we’ll help you in doing that too.

Customers can thus select the furniture type and style from our database and send their inquiries to us through our website. Customers are not required to sign up or login or use the Payment Gateway to send in their queries. Our website admin shall collect all the leads and analyze the requirements before finalizing the cost and determining whether the furniture can actually be designed or constructed or not.

Our highly efficient and experienced team of craftsmen will ensure whether designing and manufacturing furniture would be convenient and possible or not. Our customers thus have the liberty to choose from our numerous customization options. They are free to design their very own furniture and pay heed to the minutest of the details by visualizing their furniture using our various customization options.

Customers can either choose the designs that have been created by our furniture specialists or make changes to an existing design as per their individual requirements. Our 3D configurator option allows furniture enthusiasts to pick the size, material, style and desired color of the furniture. We assist you at every step so that you get the exact type and design of furniture for your homes. In case you want us to assist you over phone, then feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than glad to guide and assist you over the phone.

We also offer free of cost delivery as well as installation after your furniture has been modified and manufactured successfully. What more! We also provide a year’s warranty against any sort of manufacturing faults and defects. However, there’s we do not offer any warranty on the leather and fabrics in case of any cuts, scratches, stains and flame holes, after we’ve delivered the furniture and the order has been accepted by the customer.

How to Place Order for a Customized Furniture?

Following are the steps that you need to follow in order to place order for customized furniture:

1. Click your mouse on the furniture that interests you by selecting the same from the header.
2. Pick one or more furniture from the wide variety of models listed on the site.
3. Next, customize your furniture according to your needs using the multiple customization options.
4. Choose the color/polish, fabric, laminate sheet according to your requirement.
5. Drop your personal details on our website.
6. Get a quote for your requirement and place an order.

Please note: Woodbrick won’t take your return or exchange requests after your furniture has been designed as per your requirements.

Once you’re convinced with our quote and the final design of the furniture, you can proceed with booking your furniture. Simply follow the below mentioned steps to purchase your furniture:

Step One: Choose and book the furniture by simply paying the displayed amount.
Step Two:We shall notify you once the furniture is ready to be shipped.
Step Three:The furniture shall be delivered at your desired address.

For further queries or clarifications, get in touch with us at …..!

The first step towards placing your request is to upload a picture. Simply upload a picture of the furniture you’re planning to include in your abode and we’ll help you create and design the exact style, design, color and quality.

Customers who want to customize their images must first upload 1 or more images of their dream furniture. For instance, if you want your table to be designed in a specific style, design or color, then make sure you upload the images of the same. These images should clearly represent the width, height and overall finish and appearance of the desired furniture. Customers can thus share as many details as they want to such as fabric, quality, structure, design, color, appearance and more. This would provide us with enough opportunity to customize and construct your furniture exactly as per your requirements and desires.

Shop Furniture Online for your Space At Woodbrick!

At Woodbrick, we completely understand homeowners’ love and fondness towards every piece of furniture within their abodes. That’s is precisely why we go a step ahead to customize all types of furniture including bed, sofa, wardrobe, dining table and more to provide our valued customers with their dream and desired furnishings.
As a homeowner, you have a certain idea around the type of furniture you really want for embellishing your home and that’s primarily why, instead of providing our clients with readymade stuff, we give them the power to choose the exact style, design, color and type of furniture they want!
Turn your empty homes into beautiful spaces and corners with our premium quality, durable, stylish and extraordinary range of furniture today!
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