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Terms & Conditions

Note :- Woodbrick possesses the right to reject anyone’s order and we may also choose to not provide any explanation around the same. We also possess the rights to change the Terms and Conditions anytime without issuing any notice in advance.

General Terms

  1. Customers can choose to pay us online or through Cheque and Cash. However, customers are required to make advance payment and also pay us in full for placing their orders successfully or for getting their orders processed.
  2. Customers who opt for Cheque payment will have to deposit the same in any of our bank branch (Details of Account mentioned below). The customers must ensure that the Cheque gets credited into Woodbrick’s account before the order is placed or is dispatched.
  3. Customers who choose to make Cash payment must deposit the cash in any of our bank branch (Details of Account mentioned below) and the amount must be credited in Woodbrick’s account for dispatching your order or for getting your dispatched.
    • Bank Name – Andhra Bank
    • Account Name – Modi Eternity Products
    • Bank Account No. – 237311100002573
    • Account Type – Current Account
    • Branch – Old Station Road, Jail Land, Gurgaon
    • IFSC Code – ANDB00002373


What is your estimated time for the delivery of the order?

Woodbrick aims to dispatch your order on a priority basis. Currently, all the orders are delivered in approximately in 30 days from the date of placing of the order.

What should I do if I do not receive the furniture even after the estimated date of delivery?

We strive to minimize the shipping time. However, the order may get delayed due to certain technical problems. If you’ve waited for a longer period, then we request you to track your order or get in touch with us at our Customer Care number at 0124-6900699 (between 11 AM - 7 PM) or you can also email us at

Do you charge any extra fee for shipping the product?

Customers are not required to pay any extra amount for their orders. We ship all the orders/products free of charge.

How are products/orders delivered?

Woodbrick has partnered with reputed logistics organizations make sure that all your furniture pieces are delivered safely and right on time.

Can we have our order delivered at another address?

Yes, Woodbrick delivers furniture at another address aside to the billing address.

What are my responsibilities during delivery?

Customer should be present during the delivery of their order in order to make sure that their packaging is intact and none of the parts are damaged or missing. In case of any issues, please call the Customer Care No. at 0124-6900699 (between 11 AM - 7 PM). The customers are also required to inform us within twenty four hours of the delivery of their orders.

Do you offer free of cost installation for all the furniture items?

We first encourage our customers to install certain furniture (such as bed and other furniture pieces), which can be easily installed by them. However, if you continue to face any problems then don’t hesitate to call the customer care department at 0124-6900699 or alternatively email us at, following which we shall arrange for a free of cost installation at your desired address. Also, we don’t provide free of cost installation for furniture that costs less than Rs 15000.

Do you deliver furniture at the customer’s doorstep?

We shall deliver furniture at the doorstep only if the customer’s home or society has lift facility. This aids us in offering smooth and quick delivery of your order. In case your society or home does not have lift services or if your lift is too small for carrying the furniture within our wood based crating, then we shall only be liable for delivering the products at the ground floor only.

What are we supposed to do when the product/furniture is broken or damaged?

If the furniture is broken or damaged, then the customer must contact Woodbrick Furnitures as well as notify us about the same. We’ll be more than gland to provide you with the best of the services and solution to your problems. Also, the customer must keep the furniture at their residence under their responsibility till the time we offer an appropriate solution to them or we reach an agreement with the customer.

What if I want to cancel the order?

At Woodbrick, we allow our customers to customize their furniture and every piece of furniture is customized in accordance with their requirements, they cannot cancel their orders after placing it.

Return Policy

Woodbrick endeavors to provide its customers with the best quality and widest range of products/furniture. We allow our customers to customize their furniture in accordance with their specific needs. However, in case the product that is delivered to you has any manufacturing defects or even if we deliver the wrong product or the furniture sustains any damage during transit, then the customer can easily return the furniture and we shall refund the money in their accounts. However, this policy is not applicable for all product categories. Kindly go through the below mentioned details carefully and place your order accordingly.


If we deliver the wrong piece of furniture or in case it has any manufacturing defect or if the product gets damaged during transit, then we shall provide a free of cost re-work as well as delivery of the same, following this customers can choose to accept or cancel their order.


In case we fail to deliver the order within 30 days from the date of placing the same, then our customers possess all the rights to cancel their orders. Given such a scenario, we shall refund their entire amount.


Woodbrick range of furniture comes with a year’s warranty on the Upholstery. We also offer a year’s warranty on the Structure as well as 3 years of warranty on the Foam used for designing the furniture (such as Sofa). However, we won’t cover any damages that are caused owing to mishandling on the part of our customers during the warranty period.

Also, the warranty shall be applicable in areas where we offer our services. In case your location falls outside of our service area, we won’t be providing any after sales service, guarantee or warranty for the products offered by us.

We may change the warranty related conditions for the below mentioned materials:

Furniture with Mechanism:

Woodbrick provides one year warranty on the mechanism of the furniture. In case you face any problems with regard to the furniture’s mechanism, then the Woodbrick's Quality Check team members shall inspect the same to find out whether the mechanism requires any repair work or replacement or not. However, our team shall replace or repair only if there’s a mechanical problem or fault within the furniture. We won’t cover any damages that are caused as a result of the mishandling of the furniture by the customer.

Metal Furniture

Our metal framed furniture comes with a year’s warranty and any damages that are caused owing to the delivery or manufacturing of the product shall be replaced or repaired by Woodbrick. Damaged caused due to mishandling on the part of the customer won’t be covered during the warranty period. This shall happen only after the Woodbrick's Quality Check team members have inspected the furniture carefully.

Laminates, Veneer and Wood Finish

We offer a year’s warranty on the polish as well as finish of veneer and laminates as well as wood finishing of the product. Any damages that are caused during the delivery or manufacturing of the furniture shall be replaced or repaired by us. Our Quality Check team members shall inspect the furniture and determine whether it needs any repair or replacement or not. We do not cover any mishandling that is caused by the customer during the warranty period.


Woodbrick offers a year’s year warranty on the upholstery. Any stain or tear that is caused owing to any mishandling on the part of the customers isn’t covered under warranty. Normal wearing and tearing is also not covered as part of the warranty.

Other Materials

Materials like glass doors, mirrors, glass tops as well as stone (marble, granite, as well as other types of stone) and tops are not covered under warranty.

Termination of Warranty

In case the customer keeps the furniture in the open or under moisture or humid conditions and environment, then the warranty shall not be applicable. We shall charge the customer for any after sales services or work is needed by them.

Refund Policy for Custom Products

We do not refund the amount for custom-made furniture. In case any damages occur during the shipping of the product, then we shall repair it for our customers.


Please note is also a registered domain of Hence, all kind of Terms & Conditions of same will applicable on

Governing Law T & C

  • Any issue related to terms, transactions and any mutual claims between you and the Company shall be governed in accordance with the laws of India.

  • All claims and disputes between you and the website shall be subject to Gurgaon Jurisdiction Only.

T & C during checkout

  • What Customer is supposed to do at the time of Delivery?

    Please remember customer need to be self present at the time of delivery and check the following things -
    • For all the products that involve assembly, please ensure that all nuts and bolts are present with the product.
    • For Sofas please sit and check whether it is stable or not
    • Check all external surfaces across the product for any breakages, cracks, chip-offs and unfinished patches.
    • If packing is damage from somewhere please check there is no damage to the furniture.
    • If there is any kind of damage please do immediately inform us by calling our customer care number 0124-6900699 or by mailing us at
  • Can I cancel order after placing it?

    As each order is self customized by our customer, so the order can’t be cancelled after placing it.
  • Deliveries?

    Woodbrick Furnitures shall only be responsible for a door step delivery if your house or society has a service lift that can be used to deliver product at your doorstep. In cases where the customer does not have a service lift or the lift is small to carry the product, then we are only liable to deliver the product at the ground floor only.

    For the furniture units that are heavy and difficult to move, kindly decide the exact location where you would want to place the furniture prior to the delivery team's visit, and instruct the delivery team to set the furniture there.
  • What shall we do the packing material?

    Packing material is the property of Woodbrick Furnitures and we do believe in recycling and reusing the packaging material.
  • Installation?

    First we try to make Furniture (like Bed, Sofa and others depend on the way it manufactured) which is easy to assemble by our customer them self. But in case, you find any difficulty installing them you can call us on 0124-6900699 or mail us on and we will book an appointment and provides you installation totally Free of Cost.
  • Return Policy?

    First we try to re-work on furniture which have normal damage which can be solve easily. If it’s not possible, customer has to right to claim for refund and we will schedule reverse pick-up as soon as possible. Till reverse pick-up happens customer has to keep the product at their place only.
  • Refund Policy?

    As soon as we re-pick our product, we initiate your refund amount and it takes 7 working days.

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